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Homestead is located in beautiful Cache Valley nestled in the Rocky Mountains in northeastern Utah. Homestead Cabinet provides high quality and custom designed cabinets and furniture across the country through a network of highly skilled dealers and designers.


In 1987, the company that would later be known as Homestead Cabinet and Furniture was founded by Mark Humpherys, Randy Humpherys, and Kirk Bailey. With its humble beginnings in a shed in Randy's backyard, it quickly grew due to the founders' focus on high-tech and highly automated systems. In 1990, Homestead purchased the first CNC router system for cabinet manufacturing in the state of Utah, revolutionizing the cabinet manufacturing process.

Around 2000, Homestead began offering reclaimed wood and, for a time, it became the core expertise of the company. This specialty product assisted Homestead in transitioning from selling mainly to local dealers to partnering with designers in cities throughout Colorado, Idaho, and Wyoming. With this transition, Homestead shifted its focus to extremely high-quality custom cabinetry for these high-end markets. Around this time in the mid-2000s, Klay Grover and Tyson Davis both began their careers with Homestead.

With their over 30 years of combined experience with the company, Klay and Tyson have worked in just about every role and have made ground breaking improvements along the way. Klay and Tyson officially took over as CEO and COO, respectively, in 2018 and have immediately improved profitability and helped foster the ownership mentality that is so prevalent at Homestead. They continue to improve the company for its employees, dealers, and customers.

Today, Homestead continues to grow thanks to its relentless pursuit of excellence, unparalleled dealer order entry software (The Bid Program), its rapidly expanding dealer network, and its employee ownership mindset. Homestead expects to continue its history of growth and development; the dealer network and ordering experience is also expected to greatly improve in the coming years with the release of our every improving dealer order entry software.

The Pursuit of Excellence

  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation "Good enough" is never good enough for Homestead. It is in our DNA to relentlessly look for better ways to do everything that we do. Continuous improvement is a way of life for us. From new and better cabinet hardware solutions to advanced machinery, to the latest styles and materials, Homestead is always innovating and pushing the boundaries of what we do.

  • Team Members We actively teach all of our team members how to be better citizens, better leaders, and better family members. A company is only as good as its "people" and so we recruit, train, and try to indoctrinate our people to pursue excellence in their personal lives as well as at work.

  • Manufacturing Technology Homestead was one of the first shops in the inter-mountain west to adopt CNC technology in the 1990's. This and other technologies have been revolutionary in improving accuracy, reducing cost and speeding up production cycle time. We have been at the forefront of the technological revolution as it has applied to manufacturing. The entire process from bid to delivery is now essentially paperless.

  • Materials and Styles Homestead leads the trends when it comes to changing styles and new materials. We are tuned into innovations coming out of Europe and elsewhere and we bring these looks and trends to our customer base earlier than any other shop. Whether it be ultra-modern acrylic materials, hand applied custom finishes, or reclaimed woods; Homestead is leading the way.

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Every project that we do is designed by a professional kitchen designer working in close concert with a homeowner to capture and express their dreams and goals as reality in a new kitchen or other living space. Every project is built to order based on these exact details. Door style options along with material and finish options number in the millions. Custom hardware such as motorized lifts and servo-driven doors are second nature to us.



At Homestead it is "Built to Last." We are one of the only shops in the industry to offer a lifetime warranty. If we are not confident that a finish, a drawer box, a cabinet joint or a door style will last for a lifetime then we don't bring that product to the marketplace. We use only the highest grades of sheet goods, veneer and lumber. Cabinet boxes are made exclusively from plywood and commercial grade furniture board manufactures in the US (no cheap foreign imports). Many of the materials we use in cabinet fronts are made in Europe under very stringent quality standards.


While Homestead has been at the forefront of the technological revolution, we have not forgotten our roots which are firmly anchored in good old fashioned craftsmanship. No technology is a substitute for the trained human eye. Every piece is carefully crafted and inspected by experienced professionals. Many of the unique custom pieces and finishes that we do can only be done by hand and we have developed the best team in the industry for this kind of work.



We live in the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah and it is a way of life for us to protect the environment and to promote healthy lifestyles in all that we do. We believe that no other cabinet manufacturing company is as actively engaged in protecting the environment as Homestead. All of the raw materials that we use are classified as "No Formaldehyde Added" and "Ultra Low Emitting Formaldehyde" (ULEF) panel products. All are CARB 2 compliant and better. Our finishes are classified as low "Volatile Organic Compound" (VOC). We offer optional oil or wax finishes that have no VOC content at all.


The furniture board that we use for cabinet boxes is made from the waste stream of sawmills. Veneers are sustainably grown and sourced. We believe that we have produced more cabinets from reclaimed barn wood than any other shop. Every product made from reclaimed or recycled wood is one less tree that has to be cut down. A portion of our power need is generated from our own roof mounted solar panels. Most of our wood waste is recycled into mulch and compost at a local Green waste facility.

Perhaps the best way to describe the culture at Homestead is to say that We Care.

  • We care about our employees and their quality of life. We seek continually to help our employees learn principles of leadership and personal improvement. We teach money management skills and communication skills and much more; all with the goal of helping our team members live more fulfilled and happy lives.

  • We care about the communities, and environment that we live in and try to make them a little bit better.

  • We care about our dealer network and feel that they are like family. We have been doing business with some of these dealers for over 20 years. That kind of long term relationship can only survive based on mutual trust and respect.

  • We care about the end user of our products and do everything within our power to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the process and the final result.

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